VeganMoFo: Do you remember these guys?

It’s October! This is the beginning of VeganMofo. Funny and yummy at the same time. Like these muffins:

Do you remember the smurfs?

Doesn’t this muffin look like one?

These are Celine’s Double Chocolate Muffins. They look as if they have smurf hats because the muffin pan slipped after I put it onto the baking rack. They were still very tasty!

I made some alterations to the recipe because I wanted chocolate muffins so badly but didn’t have all the ingredients on hand:

I used 1 1/2 cups white flour instead of the whole wheat / all purpose flour mixture

1 1/2 cups evaporated cane juice instead of the powdered sugar

1/4 cup prunes puréed with 1/4 cup water instead of the apple sauce

alpro soya macchiato instead of soy creamer

No chocolate chips.

They came out not too sweet and very moist.

Then I sliced them up and topped them with some homemade chocolate pudding and sliced almonds. Yum!


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23 responses to “VeganMoFo: Do you remember these guys?

  1. Celine

    ha! I must admit they freaked me out a little when I saw the pic on flickr yesterday. ;)

  2. They look smurftastic!

    Alpro Soya Macchiato??? That sounds very good, must go and search for it at the weekend :)

  3. sliced with pudding is a great idea for serving!

  4. Mmmm the pudding on top is perfect!

  5. what cute & super fun muffins! they look scrumptious! yay! your idea to slice ’em up and top with pudding has got me wanting to make a batch and smother ’em with pudding, too! oh my gosh – mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  6. Hooray for MoFo!!

    HAHA!!! Those muffins DO look like smurfs!!! Now if only they were blue…. ;-)

    Loooove how you enjoyed the muffin – yum!!

  7. hehe, those are funny muffins! smurfins! hehe

  8. Les scrumphs! I love it! I totally forgot MoFo started today – I need to get that logo up on my post… and the pudding and almonds are killing me here!

  9. Jennifer

    Nice work! Double chocolatey goodness, indeed!

  10. E.

    Those look smurfing awesome!

    Og jeg gleder meg veldig til å se en post om norsk mat fra deg :)