I swapped some chocolate…

…look what I got.

Remember this post? I swapped that chocolate with Jojo and Hannah and this is what they sent me:

I got Joe Joe’s from Hannah in return for some chocolate. She has an awesome new ebook out, which is all about ice cream. It is very easy to order via paypal and once you’ve ordered, you can immediately download it. It is full of fantastic ice cream recipes. One is called Peanut Butter Bomb Shell Ice Cream. I wanted to make this ice cream so bad, but vegan sandwich cookies like oreos are hard to get here in Germany. The oreos they sell here have whey and other nasty ingredients. Hannah was so very kind to sent me a huge box of vegan Joe Joe’s, so I can make this ice cream.

Jojo sent me this amazing and delicious chocolate bars from Montezuma’s. The bars are made from organic fair trade chocolate and they come in pretty boxes.

So far I have tried orangutang and the bar made with salt. Both were delicious! Thank you both so much Hannah and Jojo!

When it comes to Hannah’s ebook, I tried two ice cream recipes so far. I made the Birthday Cake Ice Cream and the Jam Ice Cream. Both were easy to throw together and so delicious! I found out that the Birthday Cake Ice Cream will also come to your rescue if you have messed up a cake. I wanted to make a cake with my speculoos spread. It came out as a crumbly disaster. Of course I didn’t want to throw the crumbles away, so I used them for this ice cream recipe. The result was creamy and yummy. Thanks to Hannah, I didn’t have to throw away the cake.

I made the jam ice cream with blackcurrant jam. Look at the bright colour!

This ice cream was really refreshing and fruity and it has not more than three ingredients! Hannah’s ebook is very affordable ( 5 §, under 4 €) and you don’t have to wait for it to be shipped as you can download it.  Another thing I like about this ebook is that the recipes don’t call for soy creamer. I know that these creamers are hard to get for some people or others  just don’t like their taste. The recipes are very creative. So far I have made the easiest ones, but you will also find more complex recipes.You can find a recipe list on Hannah’s blog together with a link to her eshop.

Last month I bought a t-shirt from the UK based Secret Society of Vegans. I’ve wanted a fancy vegan t-shirt for quite some time now and the last time I checked I realized how great exchange rates for the British pound are right now. So I got me some batches and this shirt:

I might wear this for the whole month of October, because October is:veganmofo

VEGAN MOnth of FOod. It is that time of the year again where vegan bloggers write about food as much as they can. If you haven’t joined yet, but would love to, hop over to Kittee’s blog to be added to the list. I have a bit of work coming up for October, so I’ll probably not able to post as much as last year. But I’ll try.


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23 responses to “I swapped some chocolate…

  1. ooooh holy yum chocolate!!

  2. I really wanted to make the birthday cake ice cream, too but never have any cake sitting around – it gets eaten right away. Maybe I should do a little experimenting in hopes of having a failure. :) I love your new t-shirt.

  3. Great t-shirt! And your ice cream is mouthwatering. I’d completely forgotten about veganmofo!

  4. That black currant jam ice cream looks fabulous! I love getting currants when in DE, but they don’t seem to be quite as popular in the States. I can’t wait to see what you do with the Joe-Joe’s. Those cookies are addicting, which means it is probably good that I no longer live near a Trader Joe’s…

  5. Oooh, yum! I love making ice cream & of course, I love Joe Joes!

  6. Oh yum! It looks yummy, I am especially intrigued by birthday cake ice cream!

    I love Montezuma’s chocolate. I can’t get it here in Australia, but I bought some of their truffles when I was in England earlier this year. So great!

    I love your shirt! I bought one of their shirts, also when I was in england. It is the ‘Secret Society of Vegans, Saving the Unicorns since the 90s’. I love it! It has a sparkling unicorn.

  7. Sal

    all that ice cream looks amazing, i keep forgetting i need to buy hannah’s ebook!

  8. Vic

    That ice cream looks fantastic!

  9. Oh my goodness, the Joe-Joe’s. Come wintertime, they have a peppermint filling kind with little candy bits- It’s amazing! Speaking of amazing, how are those bars?

  10. Wow! Icecream is what I crave most I think as a vegan! But I don’t have an icecream maker. :( I love the tshirt! Nice colour! I’ve been thinking to get myself a nice vegan tshirt for a while too. I should really get one!