Another testing round up!

In my last post I mentioned Joni’s and Celine’s new project. I am very happy to be a tester again and although my kitchen time is very limited these days, I spend every free minutes trying out new fantastic recipes.

These pumpkin Pumpkin Sage Rolls were one of the first things I tried. I made them late on a Saturday evening and because I was tired, I didn’t read the ingredient list properly. I confused it with the ingredient list from another recipe, so these were made with a couple of ingredients that didn’t really belong into them (like nutritional yeast). They still turned out awesome:

Something I made the same evening were these Granola Biscuits. I found an awesome granola, sweetened with brown rice syrup (in the back), which gave these a crunchy bite:

There will also be a recipe for amaretti. I have tried to come up with a vegan version of these cookies myself, but Celine’s version is so much easier to make and although they don’t look exactly like amaretti, they taste pretty amazing:

And then we have this delicious Cocoa Nut Brownie Cake. I made it for a brunch and it travelled via train from Dresden to Leipzig only to be eaten very fast! It is a moist cake, not too sweet and easy to make. I decorated it with gianduia and marzipan and cut it into very small pieces  so that everyone could have a bite:

Celine always surprises me with her flavour combinations. Sometimes there are recipes I am  hesitant to try. I usually have a huge problem with sweet and savoury combinations. This  Banana Chutney was different. Usually I really don’t like chutney. But P. is addicted to mango chutney and we always have a jar in our fridge. So I tried the banana chutney recipe because I knew he would like it. He didn’t only like it, he raved about it for days and told me that we should never buy chutney again. We should always make it at home from now. And I have to admit, I did like this, too. Ha, Celine made me eat chutney! And also the Banana Chutney Bread, which tasted a bit like cornbread, but with a very special note:

The book will also have a recipe for these scrumptious Wheat-Free Speculoos. We couldn’t keep our fingers out of the jar:

This Marmite Pumpkin Soup was easy and fast to make as soon as I had prepared my pumpkin purée:

These Spicy and Warm Mini Cakes were gobbled down in minutes by my coworkers. They are perfect for the holiday season as they are full of wonderful spices. I used the funny new muffin tin I had found at Ikea:

The Maple Orange Ice Cream is a new favourite of ours. It is easy and fast to prepare and so delicious:

I love the fact that recipes for baked goods leavened with yeast will be included in the new book as well. Like these awesome Droll Rolls, which are best eaten fresh from the oven and still warm. They are sweet and fluffy. But the freeze well too:

I am sure there will be much more testing for the book so that I might write a second post on this topic. You can check out what Celine, Joni,  and other testers have made here. And don’t forget to order a copy of 500 Vegan Recipes while waiting for The Complete Guide for Vegan Substitutions.


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15 responses to “Another testing round up!

  1. Oh my goodness – you’ve been busy! That pumpkin marmite soup sounds intriguing. And as a bread addict, I am of course drawn to the rolls. From the looks of things, it’s going to be an excellent book. =)

  2. Wow, Mihl! All the goodies look amazing! The brownie cakes look particularly delicious, and so pretty with the gianduia and the little marzipan flowers! <3

  3. Jes

    Wow, what a great lineup of testers! The brownie cakes look perfect for brunch and I’m all over those rolls.

  4. OMG, all of this looks totally awesome! You have the greatest baking skills of the whole blogosphere- seriously! By the way, I ordered the book over amazon but unfortunately I will have to wait until january… till then you will have to keep on testing and sharing your wonderful pictures, please!

  5. I’m so jealous! I’m a tester, too but just after I printed out a bunch of recipes (many the same as yours), and got the ingredients purchased, I threw out my back and can’t cook! I’m lying in bed using my husband’s laptop. Bah! I’ve started him testing, and his first try really put the recipe to the test!

    I want weird muffin tins like yours. I love stuff like that.

  6. wow, you’re SUCH a good tester! i have some catch up to do!

  7. Everything looks so good!

  8. Oh my, you do make a lot of gorgeous food. I really love the brownie decorated with marzipan leaves!

  9. Everything looks so good, I don’t even know where to start! I am particularly intrigued with the banana chutney. That sounds amazing.